tree removal

The objective of trimming is to produce strong, healthy, attractive trees. By understanding how, when and why to prune, and by following a few simple principles, this objective can be achieved.

Our Recommendation:

  • Trimming is not recommended until after your tree has overcome transplant stress and has a self-supporting root system.
  • Homeowners and others who are not qualified tree care professionals should NEVER prune trees near power lines, NEVER use a chainsaw for pruning, and NEVER get on a ladder to prune.
  • Even if you think you can do the job yourself, it is better, wiser, and safer to discuss your trees with a tree care professional first. Do not take any chances


tree removal

The main reasons for pruning ornamental and shade trees include safety, health, and aesthetics. In addition, pruning can be used stimulate fruit production and increase the value of timber

Pruning cuts should be made so that only branch tissue is removed and stem tissue is not damaged. At the point where the branch attaches to the stem, branch and stem tissues remain separate, but are contiguous. If only branch tissues are cut when pruning, the stem tissues of the tree will probably not become decayed, and the wound will seal more effectively.


tree removal

Stump grinding removes stumps below grade level with out disturbing adjacent features. Our smaller, self propelled machine can be walked through the 3′ gate of your back yard and is ideal for soft or steep lawns. The large machine in our fleet is a tow-behind, used to pulverize the biggest and toughest of hardwood stumps. Another application of stump grinders is surface root pruning which can prevent roots from uplifting driveways, sidewalks and foundations.

Tree Stumps are:

  • A safety hazard for children and others
  • Difficult to mow around
  • Unsightly and reduce property values
  • An attraction for bees, terminates, and other insects
  • Known to spread diseases to healthy trees


Home owners, do you have an extra bit of land that has been overrun with growth? We can work with you to turn this wild forestry into a thing of.

tree removal

For those looking to break ground on new construction, we have the heavy duty machines and experience to get the job done. We would be happy to supply a bid for your project.